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Against fleas, collar or pipette?

At Royalvet we know that fleas are pathogenic organisms that not only feed on the blood of our pets but are transmitters of diseases, so it is essential to eliminate them if we want to maintain the health of our pets and also ourselves. However, what is the proper way to eliminate fleas? From our perspective, we invite you to know and compare two anti-flea methods in the market: The collar and the anti-flea pipette.

Anti-flea collars

It is a collar with an active ingredients that ensures the elimination of fleas. Its application is simple, it is placed around the neck of our pet. Its active compound is distributed through the skin of the animal, taking effect from the first day. Some collars attack premature larval stages of fleas, extending use for several months. Normally, these collars are cheap, easily adaptable to the animal, odorless and resistant to water. It is not recommended in puppies under 3 months or sick pets. They last from two weeks to eight months, depending on the price of the collar.

Anti-flea Pipette

It is a pipette with liquid, the active compounds are distributed through the coat to eliminate parasites. It is applied by removing the hair from the back of the animal and applying the liquid on the open hair (not on the skin). It is possible to make a mistake while applying the pipette due to many factors, for example, poor application of the product or movement of the animal at the time of application.It also requires that the animal does not bathe for 3 days to not eliminate the compound. They are very effective chemicals that attack all stages of fleas and other parasites. They are not odorless, which could cause rejection in some people. Its effect begins from the first 24 hours of application until 4 weeks. Like collars, they are not recommended in puppies under 3 months or in patients. The price is double that of flea collars and, generally, they are part of an integral cleaning treatment to eliminate fleas. Although both the collar and the anti-flea pipette are effective, the effectiveness of one or the other depends on the context in which we can best care for our pet effectively against fleas.