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collar o pipeta antipulgas

Against fleas, collar or pipette?

At Royalvet we know that fleas are pathogenic organisms that not only feed on the blood of our pets but are transmitters of diseases, so it is essential to eliminate them if we want to maintain the health of our

La importancia de las vacunas en nuestras mascotas

The importance of vaccines in our pets.

Vaccines are especially important for our pets. Firstly, because they help safeguard your own life. In this way defenses are produced in your pets body and your pet will not be infected by any dangerous and common viral or bacterial

vacunas para perros y gatos

Vaccines for dogs and cats.

With our experience as veterinarians in Mijas we know that vaccination is the best way we have to protect the health of our pets, since vaccines are able to provide immunity to our dogs and cats.Only veterinarians are able to

Cómo eliminar las pulgas en nuestras mascotas

How to eliminate fleas on our pets.

Fleas are small insects with a flat body and a reddish brown color. Both for its tiny size and its impressive agility (they are capable of jumping up to 38 times their own length!) Are very difficult to locate and


Why does my dog ​​scratch?  Itching is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in the clinic and one of the most provable causes of this itch are allergies. What is an allergy? Allergy is an exaggerated immune reaction of the organism

Internal parasites

Intestinal worms can be transmitted to people and some cause very serious pathologies, such as hydatid cyst. The Dirofilaria, or heartworm, can end the life of a dog or cat and is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito   In the

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