DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING Digital radiography, Ultrasound, Endoscopy

Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging – Ultrasound, Radiology and Endoscopy

Diagnostic imaging in animals

Through different technologies that we consider in diagnostic imaging, we can see the inside of the body of animals and reproduce with images the structures of cells and organs and thus be able to find the signs of some diseases. In Royalvet, in Mijas, depending on the symptoms of the animals and the part of the body that we need to examine, we use various techniques.

In our veterinary center, diagnostic imaging is one of the most used veterinary specialties on a day-to-day basis.

servicio ecografía veterinaria

Veterinary digital radiology

Digital radiology has several advantages over conventional radiology. This technology raises the diagnostic level and increases the productivity of our veterinary center Royalvet. Without sedating the animals we can obtain a sufficient number of images to be able to make an image diagnosis that leads us, without equivocation, to treat pets in the best way possible.

In animals we often need to detect foreign bodies, and it is also very useful when there are fractures. When a pet accidentally ingests some object with which it is playing it may be that it is expelled naturally, but it can also cause great damage to the internal organs. If you suspect that your pet has swallowed an object, bring it immediately to our veterinary center, since with digital radiology we can know if it is necessary to proceed with surgical removal.

For emergency treatment, as we mentioned, it is a very useful technique. In severe fractures or in patients with severe symptoms, digital radiology allows us to make a diagnosis almost immediately so that we can stabilize the animal as soon as possible.

Therefore, what pathologies are diagnosed with this machine?

Foreign bodies in stomach and intestines

Lung problems

Cariorespiratory problems

Dental problems

Traumatological problems

Check ups  in older animals

It is also used in preoperative procedures


Daisy came to the clinic today because she has been coughing. We have done analytical and rx. She has gone home with her corresponding medication. We hope she has a quick recovery.

Veterinary ultrasound

. Having all the necessary equipment in the same clinic is a great advantage for our clients since we do not depend on third party services, visits on specific days and thus we do not cause any inconvenience to our patients. Ultrasound scans in animals allow us to do explorations to deepen the diagnoses. We can visualize with this technique the structures of muscles, tendons, nerves and also bone surfaces and joints. Thus, we can see in detail how is a muscle trauma, a joint injury and tendon injuries, for example, which can not be visualized with the radiological exploration techniques that we mentioned previously


With this ultrasound we saw that the Yapi the dog had some biliary sediment in the vesicle, we gave her her treatment.


At Royalvet we always want to diagnose and resolve pathologies using the least invasive procedures for our patients. For animals to recover quickly and not suffer in the diagnosis  it is often necessary to make veterinary endoscopies.

Diagnostic endoscopy serves as a technique to help us know what treatment an animal needs. In many cases endoscopies with surgical character are used, that is, they serve in the process of surgery or extraction of a foreign body.

Endoscopy is used to diagnose pathologies that may affect the shape of organs with natural openings, for example, to the respiratory system, to the ear, to the digestive system and also to the urinary and reproductive system. At  the respiratory level, especially in dogs and cats, with endoscopy we can diagnose different syndromes.

We give our clients all the recommendations and guidelines to follow before doing an endoscopy. Depending on the area you have to follow some advice, for example, fasting a few hours, ensure a good state of hygiene before going to the operating room, do a treatment for worming of fleas or ticks in the previous days, etc.

Normally we will indicate if your animal should be admitted to our veterinary hospital, do not worry about the schedules as we adapt to the needs of our clients guaranteeing the welfare of our patients.



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