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How to eliminate fleas on our pets.

Fleas are small insects with a flat body and a reddish brown color. Both for its tiny size and its impressive agility (they are capable of jumping up to 38 times their own length!) Are very difficult to locate and eliminate. In addition, they have an extremely hard body, so trying to kill them by stepping on them or crushing them between your fingers is basically useless. This parasite is a serious health problem for both our pets and us. They feed on the blood of their hosts and their sting can generate an allergic reaction on the skin, causing continuous scratching and injury. In addition, although it is extremely difficult to happen in advanced countries, fleas can be vectors of transmission of bubonic plague and typhus. The animals  that suffer from fleas will usually be transmitted tape worm.

How can we eliminate these harmful insects?

Each female flea can lay about twenty eggs a day, which will hatch between two and fourteen days later. The plague, therefore, can expand quickly and silently. The way to eliminate this invasion is to attack each of the phases through which the flea passes in its life cycle: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The most effective way to achieve this is by applying pipettes to our pets, but nevertheless in certain cases its application is not possible: if our pet is allergic to flea bites, it is not advisable to use pipettes. With or without pipettes, bathing our pet with a deworming shampoo will help to eliminate these annoying tenants. If this method is used together with the pipette, it must be taken into account that our dog or cat should not be bathed until 48 hours after the application of the pipette, or it will be useless. Other ways to get rid of these insects will go through the use of antiparasite tablets or collars. At Royalvet we study each particular case and offer the solution that best suits you. Finally, it is not enough to eliminate the fleas and eggs that we have at home: we also have to ensure that they do not enter again or we will see ourselves once again in the same situation. Even if our pet does not go out for a walk, we can bring them in on ourselves, so we will have to clean our clothes and shoes carefully and especially the clothes, toys and accessories of our pets. Only by being very meticulous with hygiene will we eliminate these unwanted guests.