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Internal parasites

Intestinal worms can be transmitted to people and some cause very serious pathologies, such as hydatid cyst. The Dirofilaria, or heartworm, can end the life of a dog or cat and is transmitted by the bite of a mosquito


In the intestine, but not only in the intestine …
The only effective way to fight against these parasites is through periodic treatments for the animals, these are usually administered in the form of pills or oral pastes. This way, the parasites of our dogs and cats that are infested will be eliminated and people will be  prevented from being infected. Flat worms: are the cestodes or tapeworms. They are in the intestines of dogs and cats, and also of people. There is a very dangerous species Taenia echinococcus, which in humans produces the hydatid cyst. Round worms: The popular “worms” of children … They produce the most serious disorders in humans when a specimen reaches the eyes or other organs, which is called Larva Migrans.


The dirofilariosis is a disease of dogs and cats. The dirofilarias are worms that are transmitted by the bite of mosquitoes.

The larvae of worms move through the bloodstream, and mosquitoes ingest them by stinging and sucking blood. When they bite another animal, the larvae penetrates the wound.

Adult worms lodge in the hearts of dogs and cats, and in exceptional cases in other organs and prevent blood from flowing normally as they plug the aorta, which is where the blood from the heart to the whole body.

The use of mosquito repellents and preventive medication during the months in which mosquitoes are active are the two ways to prevent your pet from getting infected.

Consult our Hospital about the best treatment to prevent these parasites.