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Tips to avoid dehydration in animals

From our experience we have learned that sweating of animals is very different from ours. We sweat through our skin, and animals too. But their sweat glands are completely covered with hair, and therefore, it is difficult for them to cool down. For this they have the pads on their paws, where they have even more glands and where to perspire without problems. However, this is what makes them dehydrate even faster than us when they are very hot from high temperatures and too much physical effort. Therefore, today we will give you some tips to avoid this dehydration of your pet.

Do not leave your pet inside the car on hot days, especially during the summer, do not leave your pet inside your car at any cost. Since even with the windows open, the temperature inside it increases up to double and your dog or cat can dehydrate quickly. It is inhumane and, in some countries, even punishable by law.

Walk when the temperature is lower.

Take your pet for a walk in the early morning or after the sun goes down, as at this time of the day it is unlikely that he will get overheated and dehydrated. Do not let them walk on hot pavements. If you cannot change your walking routine and you should go out during very hot hours, avoid walking on asphalt or pavement, as it gets very hot and the pads of cats and dogs are very sensitive to high temperatures . The ideal is to walk themon grass or where there is shade.

Prevents over exercising.

Animals, especially dogs, never know when they have run or played enough. So if you see that your pet breathes quickly and has trouble continuing, stop him for a rest.Special care according to the racesThe brachycephalic animals, that is to say, flat snout, like the dogs of Bulldog and Pug breeds, cats like the Persians, are even more intolerant of heat and can not regulate their temperature adequately ?. This is because their upper airway is blocked and the air can not enter when they are panting. Avoid walking too much, doing lots of exercise or receiving a lot of sun, as they get tired even without any effort.

Remember: if your pet looks tired, sleepy and unwilling to walk, it is difficult for him to breathe, he lies on the ground hidden in his own skin due to lack of elasticity and shows signs like dry nose, gums and tongue, he is dehydrated. If you could not avoid it, then the most important thing is for your dog or cat to recover all that liquid that has been lost as quickly as possible. For this we recommend isotonic oral solutions or special products to rehydrate and replenish all the minerals and electrolytes that are needed. Otherwise, they could suffer more serious problems.