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Vaccines for dogs and cats.

With our experience as veterinarians in Mijas we know that vaccination is the best way we have to protect the health of our pets, since vaccines are able to provide immunity to our dogs and cats.Only veterinarians are able to assess the health status and provide proper de-worming to our pets. Determine the best time is important and, for this, we must go to our veterinarian to tell us the correct pattern to follow.

In our clinic we can determine what vaccines your pet needs, as these can vary, depending on the animal’s habits and the geographical area where it lives. Currently, the only vaccine that the autonomous communities can declare as mandatory is the rabies vaccine for dogs and cats. Rabies is a disease that was declared extinct in 1966, except in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla where the prevention and surveillance of this disease can not be neglected. Rabies is a type of infectious disease caused by a virus that is transmissible to humans, and other animals, by biting or coming into contact with open wounds.

The rest of the vaccines, both for dogs and cats, are not obligatory, although they are recommended. Vaccination for cats and dogs is equally important as the vaccines that children receive. And, this is because: young pets need to protect their immune system, which is immature, with doses fairly consistent, both in cats and dogs.

Our pets live with us and their health problems directly affect our own, therefore a responsible possession includes the maintenance of the proper health status of our pets. Being attentive to the vaccination schedule of our pets, dogs or cats, is the best way we have to avoid a greater outlay when diseases arrive, but, what is more important, it is the best way to avoid the suffering that these mean.