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Why does my dog ​​scratch? 

Itching is one of the most frequent reasons for consultation in the clinic and one of the most provable causes of this itch are allergies.

What is an allergy?

Allergy is an exaggerated immune reaction of the organism in the presence of certain agents that are normally innocuous (allergens), such as mites, pollen, some food proteins and certain medications. This reaction is genetically determined, so we can talk about animals or predisposed breeds.

How is it developed?

The allergen enters the body through three routes: inhalation, contact (skin or mucous membranes) and ingestion. Repeated exposure to this causes the allergic reaction to be progressively greater with more or less severe symptoms.

Can an allergy be prevented?

Yes, but it is necessary to identify the allergen that causes it. Once identified, it is necessary to avoid the maximum contact of our pet with this one.

Mites: maintain the environment where the animal lives free of dust.

Pollen: avoid walks in areas where pollen levels are higher or in times of higher concentration.

Flea bite: keep our pet and environment free of fleas.

Food proteins: administer a hypoallergenic commercial diet or avoid the ingredient that causes the allergy.

Is there treatment?

In addition to avoiding contact with the allergen, it is advisable to administer to the animal a vaccine consisting of the inoculation of increasing doses of said allergens, so that it becomes accustomed and stops reacting to it. We can also apply palliative treatment of the symptoms.